Friday, March 9, 2012

Aliy out of Ruby

Dogs looking strong, Aliy is out of Ruby, the only team out of Ruby. This means her dogs are doing well (as that's how she runs, listens to the dogs). It also means that the mushers resting for 8 hours in Ruby are getting that mandatory out of the way. Will Aliy take hers in Galena? Possibly, probably? They of course can pass her there, as she rests, but her dogs were able to go and she kept going.
It is a treat to see her leading, checkpoint after checkpoint, and showing how mighty she and her team are. Of course, we also know that there's still a lot of circumstance in a race like this... as she knows, buffalo, moose, etc. We're not forgetting the other great mushers running the race, just showing our loyalty to Aliy for the job well done already.

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