Thursday, March 8, 2012

Aliy's Iditarod to date

Aliy Zirkle just left Takotna after her 24 hour mandatory rest there. It is a great place to go but this week seemed packed. Since Aliy had arrived first I see she got a nice quieter spot for her dogs to sleep. She left Nutmeg behind, a perennial favorite who has done herself proud over the years, so Aliy now has 15 strong dogs .

Aliy's bib is 14 so she had to add 104 minutes to her 24 hour mandatory, allowing her to leave Takotna at 1:16 AM. Although Mitch Seavey had arrived quite well behind her, with the bib adjustments he left first out of Takotna 24's, just three minutes ahead of her.

There are two more mandatory rests out there... one 8 hour on the Yukon River and one 8 hour mandatory in White Mountain.

The race is ON and Aliy is looking GREAT.

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