Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Weather

On the 29th of February we received 20 inches of snow. We trudged through and groomed it all for trails. Last weekend we ran dogs on the trails, expecting it might the last time for the winter as the temps sored to mid 50's that day. We did not expect the week ahead in which we would continue a HEAT WAVE that, in one week, has completely obliterated trails. This is the first time in 18 years that we have not had a trail into April, at least the packed portion.

It is 5:44 AM and it is already 50 degrees on March 18th. We are expecting 79 degrees today.
Uh, this is Wisconsin, this is March, this is surreal.

The good part of it is that we have not had time to dig trenches for draining because they have made themselves. Except for some very shaded sections, almost all of the pens are snow free.

Melting does nothing for the straw though, so that project will be almost two months early this year. Global warming?? who knows. We do know it very out of the ordinary.

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