Saturday, March 3, 2012

Iditarod Fever

As always, whether we're in Alaska or on our computer at home in Wisconsin, we catch the Iditarod fever and follow it from start to finish. The ceremonial start is in Anchorage today, the mushers have riders in their sleds and travel about 12 miles to let the crowds view their teams.
Then they box up and drive to Willow for the restart (or real start) on Sunday. Then they're off across Willow lake and into the wilds of Alaska for the next nine to 17 days or so, meeting all of the challenges of the trail. If you want to watch , for sure check Aliy Zirkle's blog, for updates and always check which has additional viewing advantages for subscribers, but some freebie info as well. Check the social media sites for various Idita-fan sites. It will be a very competitive race. Large snows in Alaska have made the trails very snow covered and I'm sure there will be challenges of many types along the 1049 (or so) miles. We give our special good wishes to Aliy Zirkle and Ryne Olson from SPKennel.

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