Thursday, March 7, 2013

Avidly Following Iditarod

While the temperature is in the thirties with bright sun, blue sky, here in Wisconsin, and our dogs are sunbathing, wishing for sunglasses, we can't help but wonder how the seriously working Iditarod sled dogs are doing today in Alaska.  They are expecting up to 50 degrees on some parts of the trail today.  And I don't know how the predicted high winds have factored in the race, but we'll find out soon enough.

Aliy is looking very good in what I see to be the top three going into Iditarod checkpoint.   The first four in have had very long journeys... 13, 14, even 16 hours, so that can mean they camped or the snow is so punchy from heat that they trudged, or probably combos of various things in the inclement race weather.  There are two in that mix who haven't finished their 24's as she has, so I think she is seated at 2 or 3 right now.

It's a race and it still has 700 miles or so, so we'll settle in and obsess a bit about it.

Photo from a camping trip with Aliy, sister, Kaz, Julie and Eunice.

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