Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kennel Race Complete, All Winners

We had a great time in February and March, choosing teams, hooking up dogs, teaching beginners to drive sleds and some of the beginners participating in the kennel race.   BTW, we got the idea for a kennel race while reading Aliy Zirkle's blog... they had a full out race with their handlers and mushers.  We're a bit more limited here, but with 17 dogs and 9 participants we had a nice little race, giving good experience to everyone.   Our main goal was to keep it fun and safe and to give the dogs more running time.  The dogs were very enthusiastic and happy to be doing it.  The winning dogs were:  Navy, Ruthie, Rosie, Eos,
Buffy, Kiddo, Yuki, Herman and Sherpa.  Yea, good dogs!


Best overall time for 4 and 6 dogs teams:  Tie :  Tanner Johnson and David Loomis, 6:41

6 dog times:
Tanner Johnson:  7:35; do over, 6:41
Katie Richard, 9:00

4 dog times:
David Loomis, 6:41
Shanna Cade, 6:55
Mary Lee Riddle,  7:17
Adam Loomis (3 dogs), 8:22

1 dog, child under six
Josefina Cade (!)

2 dog, youth over six
Cole Sweig,  3:59
Ethan Sweig, 4:57

Congratulations to all participants.  Thanks for joining our kennel race.  Thanks to Tim Cade for grooming
and regrooming the trails so they'd be race ready.  Prizes will be distributed soon.  Every participant receives a bandanna as shown below.  Copper, Iditarod, 2006, models the race bandanna with Tanner Johnson.  Tanner and David Loomis tied for best time overall, 4 and 6 dogs.

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