Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beautiful Buddy

Buddy, a beautiful, dignified, strong minded, tough, gentle, quiet dog crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday at age 16.
He had been failing in health for quite some time, but up until yesterday he was out and about with us each day, guiding us in our daily chores.
Buddy came to us as a rescue in 2004.  He had come from Alaska with a UP 200 musher and had been placed in a U.P. home, hopefully to run as a retiree.   But it didn't work out and we were asked to take him, which we gladly did.
Buddy was bred by Raymie Redington and his pedigree is very nice.  He goes back to a line that we also had in Liller and is now in our youngest, Sherpa.  At times he would look, to me, as if he had some Great Dane in him... the prominent ears, the set of his jaw, the quiet but strong/gentle personality, perhaps some
Harlequin markings. It is hard to capture his brilliant blue eyes in a photo, but they were striking.
He did run in teams with us and was SO proud when we hooked him up in his early years with us.  But his aging bones/structure caused us to retire him from running.   His main job was to live with and be a companion to Ruthie.  He took it seriously and every morning presents himself to herd her when she free runs.  Ruthie will miss him very much.  I will miss him very much.
Buddy is a great example of why it is so rewarding to take a dog needing rescue.  Although he came to us with mange and infected teeth, the excellent medical care he received from IMAH put him on the road to an
active life for another 9 years!  Wow, yea, Buddy!   Godspeed, dearest friend.

Photos:    Buddy
               Buddy with Copper, waiting to assist with morning feeding.
               Buddy awaiting Ruthie's free run.
               Buddy in his pretty red coat.

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