Friday, March 15, 2013

Cheers to Aliy Zirkle and Allen Moore, Iditarod 2013

What a tremendous race was run by Aliy Zirkle and her red team of SPKennel dogs, and Allen Moore's black team, with the younger SPK Dogs.   It is a pleasure and privilege to be able to follow their kennel's success.   We are in awe of their dedication, professionalism, especially their great dog care and their continued energy to make SPKennel the premier sled dog kennel in the dog world today.  Cheers from our kennel in Wisconsin.

We took this photo in McGrath in 2001, Iditarod.   Ray Redington, Jr.'s team is in front,
his white leader , Tommy, sleeping .  Behind is Aliy's team, that at the time had a bad
case of kennel cough.   Doug, her father, is standing behind the team.  Our small travel group
somewhat adopted these two teams as we watched the Iditarod unfold.  Adopt in the sense that
while we couldn't help we could observe and care about these dogs.   I can see Martin in this photo, who Aliy later brought to us to live out his life.   He even raced in the Jackpine 30 with Julia one year and took us so competently on many safe runs; strong, muscular, so competent Martin.  Martin
then fathered pups with Aliy's dog, Frita, who also came to retire here.  Their pups that are still with us are:  Yo, Yuki, Swix, Yeti and Zoom, all sweet, tough, smart dogs.  We appreciate so much this

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