Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dogs happy in television short

Abby Miller from CH 6, WLUC-TV, came to the kennel with new dog drivers, Christine Grabowski and Jenna Grabowski.   It was a bit chilly but the dogs were very excited to take multiple runs with Christine, Jenna and even Abby , the reporter.   You can view it at:
you have to scroll through 'more stories' to find it.

Leaders, Buffy and Ruthie, are sisters from the Skinny (Aliy Zirkle/Jerry Louden) and Liller (Susan Butcher ) breeding, born February 2, 2014.  We'll be celebrating their birthday on Sunday.

Yuki and Yeti, are pups of a breeding of Zirkle's dogs, Frita and Martin.

Navy , leader, recently joined us from Susan Butcher's kennel, joining his Auntie Eos.  Their lines are from Ellis and Butcher (Sven, Zeus).

It was fun to provide the opportunity for Abby to drive a sled.  Christine and Jenna are no longer beginners and are doing well.

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