Monday, January 6, 2014

Polar Vortex

A polar vortex is upon us.   This winter's weather, to date, has been a mixed bag of rain, ice, snow , bitter cold, wind and nothing too functional when it comes to sled dogs or running them.

This morning's wind chill is minus 38 and is forecast to stay there most of today and through the night again.  Nick (handler) helped to put up wind screen tarps and replenished, generously, the straw for all dogs, in the houses and outside for sitting.

Our dogs from Alaska are interesting to watch .  Eos, who has crossed the Alaskan Range and run to Nome, Iditarod, at least twice, is the oldest but most accepting of this weather.   She steps out, spends a short amount of time assessing and comes back in.  Copper, Iditarod, 06, furry and tough, steps out, moves forward, then barrels back to the door.   Navy, short coated Zeus's son, says, "not for me!"
Buffy, Copper Basin vet and visitor at Aliy Zirkle's kennel for a time, varies her opinion.  Buffy just plain likes to run, cold or hot, run, run Buffy!   Same with Ruthie.

Today's vortex , however, will take a bit of a toll on the humans, so we'll see how we do. Starting out with a nice warm, meaty meal for the dogs and it won't get any warmer, so here we go.

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