Thursday, January 9, 2014

Weather acceptance... minus twenty eight degrees, 5:00 AM

We are posting about extreme weather that has lasted for six days and we're thinking of our Two Rivers, AK friends who have had this, off and on, since November.  They've had some warmups too, but this cold stuff is more the norm for them.   So six days of it really isn't that bad, but it's still extreme.  A North Carolina friend is fretting about six degrees , which seems warmer right now.  It's all relative and you deal with what you have. The house gets cluttered and the water dishes get spilled, gear builds up, but it's working.

Photos:  Copper in the 'blue' cold;  Eos outside checking it out; Navy on his bed;  enthusiastic Zoom wriggling around , warming up.

  Each day it seems like a break is coming.  Yesterday it warmed up to ten with sun, we were all appreciative.  Last night twenty five below again (which is Two Rivers's terms is not so strange).  Now we're looking for a meltdown in the thirties and rain, arghh.  But warmth for these dogs is welcome.

We had five house dogs last night and daytime visitors in and out.  Eos is living in the house full time these days, age 14 and 8 months, she's not as interested in eating as is normal for her.   She's an amazing dog and we're babying her along.  Copper is an in and out dog.  Navy is in at night (or whenever he can sneak back in... his heart is in being a house dog now, especially in competition with Copper).  Kiddo, tough girl, slept in last night (age 12).  Yeti, Martin's and Frita's son, relished being in yesterday.  He's a look alike to his Iditarod/Quest father.

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