Monday, January 20, 2014

Three new dog drivers

Weather cooperated for first sled dog driving turns for Christine, Nick and Jenna.   Christine ran 4 dogs, Jenna ran 4 and Nick ran 6.  Each run was done so well and the dogs (and I think the drivers) had a great time.

The trails are still a bit punchy.  We've had snow and snow but no more concrete type snow since around Christmas (the kind that packs hard).  Now we're back in another arctic blast, but not quite as bad as the last one.  It'll be minus 12 tonight, minus 26 windchill, but at least it's not minus 50 windchill.

Dogs all received new straw today and nice hot meals.  Kiddo is improving , as is Eos.  Both have spent quite a bit of time outdoors, Kiddo now being able to sleep out all night.

As usual , not every dog got a run.  We promised them turns the next time around.   Yesterday's dogs:

Team 1:  Ruthie, Buffy, Navy, Sherpa     Team 2:   Ruthie, Navy, Sherpa, Herman  Team 3:  Ruthie, Navy,
Zoom, Buffy, Sherpa, Herman

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