Sunday, February 17, 2013

-18 this morning

The roller coaster that is winter is rolling on.   This morning it is minus 18 but promises to warm to
plus 16 by afternoon.  Tomorrow it will be in the mid thirties.   This takes a bit of a toll on the dogs,
up/down and not to mention on the human.... chopping iced gates after a rain /freeze has been a constant.   The dogs can maneuver out of the gates if they aren't chopped, so on goes the chop chop.

This morning we were expecting racers but sounds like they might want to reschedule due to the temps, not sure.

Thanks to visitor, Marty, for freeing up the chain in the track of the Skandic yesterday... in his suit and tie, no less.   Our main machine for chasing teams, grooming trails and hauling, we'd be without it this morning if he and Talia  hadn't stopped to visit.

Photo:  Granddaughter, Fina, awaits the hookup of her mother's team for kennel race.
We hookup to the pole and the machines are ready for takeoff to follow the musher.

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