Monday, February 4, 2013

Yukon Quest 1000 and 300

We're slow in updating because mostly we're dealing with weather.... frigid, then meltdowns, then trails, then no trails, more frigid, more meltdowns... chop, chop gates, haul straw.  Dogs are doing very well, including 16 year old Lillen who stays in nights and barks incessantly to get out in the morning.

So, the Yukon Quest is on and we're following Allen Moore (1000) and Aliy Zirkle (300) and Ryne Olson with SPK Dogs in the 300 too (yearlings in team).   At this juncture Allen is first into Pelly Crossing and looking oh so strong!  Aliy is vying at the front with Michelle Phillips and looking oh so strong.  And, of course, the dogs look, oh, so strong!

Stay tuned.  We are hoping to be running teams tomorrow.  This morning a bit chilly , minus 11 (probably lower windchills), but trails are looking nice.   It is a crazy, rollercoaster winter, but we still love winter.

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