Monday, February 25, 2013

Kids' Day at Summer Place

Photo: Jennifer Loomis, Tanner Johnson,
six year old, A.J., Yuki, Kiddo (wheel), readying for A.J.'s ride with 4 dogs.

Adam Loomis negotiates the fast curve in the pines.

Adam's three dog team coming out of the loop.  Ruthie, Buffy, Herman.

First time driver, Cole, has a smooth run with Navy and Ruthie speeding along.

David looking like a pro with great four dogs,
Navy, Ruthie, Sherpa and Rosie.

 A.J. confidently says, " I had 4 dogs so I'm a pro! "   Tanner said A.J. cheered the dogs on the whole way.  I even had a chance to leap on the team
as they negotiated deep snow on a turn.

Ethan, first time driver, looks good going
home with his two dogs, Ruthie and Buffy.

 Timers and Moms, Jenny and Jennifer compare timers for Ethan's run.  Tanner was the handler for all teams yesterday.

Great handlers at the gate to turn the dogs for the beginners, Kevin, David and Adam turning Tanner's team with rider, A.J.

 Out of the pines to the climb uphill.

Tanner with precious cargo.

Tanner's 4 dog heading home.
A big thank you to Tim for chopping all the gates from the big snow and dragging all of the trails.

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