Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Summer Place Kennel February Race

This morning we had our first two dog drivers in the kennel race for February.

Tanner Johnson ran first, a six dog team, with leaders, Navy and Ruthie; swing, Sherpa and Rosie; and wheel, Buffy and Herman.   The trail is a bit punchy today but there is snow, hooray!  Tanner had a great run.

Katie Richard ran second, a six dog team, with leaders, Navy and Ruthie;  swing, Yuki and Sherpa; and wheel, Buffy and Herman.  Katie had a great run.

The kennel rules call for two hours of work for each driver so Tanner and Katie chopped out gates, groomed trails, handled all of the gear/harnessing out and back in.   Flawless morning.

And it is SNOWING again, very big flakes.  Tanner dragged the trail after the runs hoping it would set up tonight.  Looks like we'll have to drag again.

Thanks to Katie and Tanner!  Dogs are happy tonight.  They thought we had forgotten how to run sleds.
Stay tuned, more runners.

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