Friday, February 15, 2013

The Day Dawns without Lillen

As we start our day, we imagine we hear Lillen's insistent woof telling us at or about 6:00 AM that it's time for her to get out to her pen.  I did think I heard it this morning.  As we went about our day yesterday we
realized how much of our attention is turned to her.  Each time I passed her pen I felt myself anxiously looking to see that she is OK, that she's looking for a biscuit, that she's happily wandering about.   The tarps shielded her from and I expected to see her peeking around as always.   She was first in our attentions and she just isn't here now.  It will take some time to adjust, I know.   Memories of her are prolific and fantastic.
She was the toughest dog I have met and I've met many.   But not only was she tough, she was the sweetest dog when she liked you.  She brushed my cheek with an almost kiss each morning .  Susan had told me,
"She's not a handler's dog" and she wasn't.   She expected the very best and she expected anyone helping her to do it her way.  And we did.

Top:   Cowlick, a pup of Lillen's racing at Land O Lakes, one we had talked to Susan about taking here.     Second,  Lillen and Julie, spending time together.  Third, Navy, a newly retired Butcher dog meets Butcher dog, Lillen.   Lillen is Navy's auntie.   Fourth,  every agile and alert Lillen on a walk.

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