Monday, October 5, 2009

Dog Houses, Rain and Mud

This is the season for rain, mud, sleet, slippery walking and filling holes. We are also building new houses and repairing others. One day it is nice, the next day a sloppy mess. Flexibility is the key right now.

Tarps go flying in the gusting winds, bungee cords break, dogs eat bungees. We still have at least one tarp in every pen for shelter from the pelting rains, but most are put away for next year now.

As I move from pen to pen repairing, the dogs are right behind me (or under me) digging great new holes in the soft sand. Photo: Zeus runs between the pens on return from his run.
Sagging tarps visible, work in progress in all pens. Have just started putting straw in houses.

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