Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rain, Mud, Snow? = Soup Weather

Earlier this week we had Indian Summer, beautiful for all, not too warm, just perfect for trail running.

Yesterday we were flooded with rain all day. There is one prediction that Friday will bring four inches of snow.

We're adding straw in houses , filling holes and switching again to late afternoon warm soup.
Soup is made from anything the dogs find palatable, including beef liver, hamburger and rice, chicken and rice, salmon and rice and sometimes an Eagle canned product called liver mixer. We try to vary their soups on unpleasant days to interrupt that late afternoon chill with something good.

Good friends, Carol and Pete, just filled our freezer with beef bones and beef liver/heart from their recent purchase of a steer. Thank you, Carol and Pete!!
We limit bones to hunting season when the dogs are very restricted, no free runs, no trail runs, since they tend to get turfy about those prized bones.
Note on posting times: for some reason this blog posts Alaska time, not Wisconsin time, so , no we are not posting at 2AM .

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