Monday, October 26, 2009

In Gentler Valleys Roaming


Today was a BUSY day.
Starting with dense fog, we fed/souped all of the dogs. Eos went with us to feed the deer and then to her new pen for a few hours. Today was a longer morning run for Skinny, Sierra and Buddy. Both Skinny and Buddy are retired racing dogs, Sierra is also retired from pulling with a two dog team, most of her sweet life. They enjoyed our meandering the trails , through the valley, this morning, sniffing all the great smells of the night behind us.
Next ,we hooked up Zeus with Matilda for another leader training session, uphill a lot and many chances at command responses. Mat is picking it up from gentle Zeus quite well.

On to an 'ordinary day' of letting 22 dogs have their free runs/lap runs, etc. Lots of barking and leaping while I cleaned /put straw in the MUDDY pens after the rain deluges, changed all the muddy water pails.

We hauled the waste then made a run for straw and corn and to the vet's office for medicine for King (cough) and for Eos's ear infection. Back at the kennel we unloaded straw and corn and then went out to post NO HUNTING signs as most of last year's were torn down. Skinny and Sierra went along for that project.
The field camera picked up a small car on the trail, so we do watch for trespassers (for dog safety). Time to put orange ribbons on the dogs.

Next, time for late afternoon treats and water for all pen dogs. It was warm enough today to forego soup in favor of large biscuits and fresh water. And then, feeding the deer for the second time, a small group coming in. Most hunters are complaining about the lack of deer this year. Bow hunting is still on and the bucks are not coming in as much.

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