Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who's Excited? Zeus and Eos Reunion, too

Zeus and Eos had a happy reunion at the fence this morning. Eos is still recovering from her cancer surgery, but spends short times out in the pen, mostly to relieve the boredom of being a house dog. Lillen joined in, too... all three being Susan Butcher's dogs, they may have run together in the past.

Zeus took a short spin around the trails in the snow and was happy to do it.

We've hooked up the ganglines for a nice run with five or six tomorrow, maybe more, weather dependent.


  1. Hello Julie,

    We are from Wintermoon Kennel in Brimson, MN and we are in the process of putting together a lineage project of all of our dogs. We have many pups out of Susan Butcher's 1999 Zeus. Is he your dog now? How is he doing? Do you have any other dogs out of that line? We have Odin, Michael, Valkyre and mother Ida who are all from Claire Seekins. Please let us know if you have any information!

    Kathryn Martin and Kathleen Anderson
    Wintermoon Kennel

    1. So now I can find this, don't knowwhy it didn't show up. Please email me at
      windypups@yahoo.com for more info on Zeus and Eos. So glad to hear you have Zeus pups and, yes, I do have their lines, great lines, will share separately.