Thursday, October 29, 2009

Warm Weather, Deer Changes

In the high 50's again yesterday, so we did all the usual runs and added in the final yard and house cleanups, including windows. No teams, though, as too warm already early in the a.m. for an out the gate outing.

The usually 'on time' deer have been avoiding the feed spot lately. With the loud protests of the dogs in the night, for a few nights, we suspect there is some unfriendly to deer predator out and about. Nothing on the cameras (well a few coyote sightings, but they are always part of the landscape). And, oddly, the apples are long on the trees this year, usually long gone by now. Apples are also very large this year. Just an anomaly of a year, I guess. Hunters continue to complain about the very low deer population, although up until now we had thought it was normal.

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