Thursday, October 8, 2009

Team Training

First team to go out in full will be:

Buffy (LEAD)

Ruthie (LEAD)

Medio (Team)

Rosie( Team)

Herman (Wheel)

Kiddo (Wheel)

Second team out will be:

Zeus, LEAD

Ruthie, LEAD,

Kiddo, Team

Sherpa, Team

Copper, Wheel (single)

Third team out will be:

Buffy, LEAD

Matilda, LEAD

Lillen, Team

Medio, Team

Zeus, Wheel (single)

We will run two mile runs on the next cool day (not Saturday). There are some aging dogs in those mixes.

Teams are planned to put the least stress on the aging dogs. (may rethink Zeus in wheel, maybe up with Lillen.

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