Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leader Training A.M., River destination P.M.

Photos: Look in the tree top for a young eagle who was watching our takeoff.

With a crowded day ahead, after the Skinny morning run, I hooked up Matilda and Zeus for some patient leader training. Zeus was PERFECT. Matilda was just a bit of a ditz in the hookup but then took all the mentoring Zeus could offer (including the face kisses ). Miss Matilda showed her alpha female, however, upon return to Zeus's pen where she ran off tauntingly with his new beef bone. He cried and took out his rubber ball.

Then for the afternoon sojourn, Rob was here and we took Skinny, first, to the Brule River cabin, our sometimes destination for dog teams. Being nearby we went to the George Young Center for lunch and enjoyment of its ambient lodge and pool surroundings. On our return to we stopped in Alpha to check out the old school and the Circle Cafe. It was a busy day so the remaining dog run was put off until 6PM (with lights on)... Skinny, Buddy, Copper and Sierra.

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